IEEE 5th World Forum on Internet of Things
15-18 April 2019 – Limerick, Ireland

VERT3-Healthcare, Pharmaceuticals, and Medical Devices

Date: Thursday, 18 April 2019
Time: 11:00-18:30
Room: C1062

Track Description

Healthcare addresses one of the basic human needs for the ~ 7.7 Billion people that are estimated to live on our planet today and is one of the most dynamics sector of the World Economy. It is also an extremely complex subject that touches on issues ranging from the fundamental scientific understanding of living organism to the equally complex social and economic systems that exist in the variation of conditions across the planet.  The many dimensions of Healthcare include, among others:

  • Management of public health
  • Control of environmental factors
  • Individual practice of healthy lifestyle
  • Exploration, discovery and research in the underlying sciences of healthcare
  • The practice of medicine
  • Design, manufacture, delivery, and operation of medical devices
  • Discovery/design, production, distribution, storage, prescription, and use of pharmaceuticals

Healthcare also involves major challenges – where “digitization” of the healthcare promises to dramatically improve outcomes – whether it is finding new drugs and treatments, the ability to support aging populations, dealing with chronic diseases, avoiding epidemics, identifying health hazards, or creating new opportunities for the disabled, improving the effectiveness of diagnostics , in manufacturing pharmaceutical products, the creation of “connected” medical devices, and in revolutionizing the processes that are used across healthcare industries.

The “Healthcare, Pharmaceuticals, and Medical Devices” Vertical Track explores how IoT technologies and solutions can deliver value and how they can be exploited to improve the quality of life at the individual level – the Track is intended to explore the broad scope of healthcare and for the speakers and audience to share experiences with practical steps in exploiting IoT solutions for practical outcomes.



11:00-13:00 Session 1, Where and How IoT fits into Healthcare
Talk 1 “Human Centered Design for Healthcare Events in an Artificial Intelligence World”, Laine Mann, Pfizer, Collegeville, PA USA
Talk 2 “Technologies for Healthcare – What’s here and what’s coming!”, Yusuf Jamal, Analog Devices, Santa Clara, CA USA
Moderated Panel Discussion

13:00-14:00 Lunch

14:00-16:00 Session 2, IoT Applications and Solutions – Shared Experiences
Talk 3 “Realizing the Benefits of Smart Manufacturing and Becoming a Data Driven Manufacturer in the Life Sciences”, Billy Sisk, Rockwell Automation, Ireland
Talk 4 “Collaborative IoT, 5G, and AI Empowered Solutions for Healthcare”, Fawzi Behmann, TelNet Management Consulting, Austin, TX USA
Talk 5 “Enabling Progress Through Technology for Autism Spectrum Disorder”, Mike J Hayes, Dell EMC, Ireland
Talk 6 “CARELINK Case Study – An IoT/AI Approach to Managing Wandering in People with Dementia – Challenges and Progress”, Christine O’Meara, CARELINK TSSG, Waterford, Ireland
Panel Discussion

16:00-16:30 Coffee Break

16:30-18:30 Session 3, Technologies, Processes, and Practice in the IoT Value Chain
Talk 7 “Innovations and Advances in Healthcare”, William Brian Gormley, Brigham and Women’s Hospital, Harvard Medical School, Boston, MA USA
Talk 8 “IoT in Healthcare and Microbiology”, Bruce Hecht and Doug Gardner, Analog Devices, Boston, MA USA
Panel Discussion, Wrap-up, and Summary


Track Co-Chairs

Hari Chauhan, Analog Devices

Hari ChauhanHari Chauhan received a M.S. and Ph.D. degrees in Electrical Engineering from Northeastern University in 2011 and 2016, respectively. He has over 7 years of experience in designing RF/Analog and digital circuits and systems for communication and IoT application spaces. He has considerable experience in Signal Processing and Machine Learning. His primary focus is on development of low-cost sensors technologies in healthcare and biomedical domain. Currently working in the Emerging Business group at Analog Devices’ Analog Garage division in Boston, MA developing new chemical/bio sensing technologies in the consumer and industrial IoT space. As a part of emerging business team, he leads several projects in collaboration with startups to advance the product development for quick time to market.

Track Speakers

Fawzi Behmann

Fawzi BehmannFawzi is a visionary, thought leader, author, and entrepreneur in technology positioning, advancing the adoption of technology in serving key markets.

Fawzi was the principal architect in developing telecom network management, as a senior product line manager defined product releases for network multi service edge, and as director of strategic marketing at Motorola/Freescale he promoted SoC Multi-core-Multi-engine for semiconductor embedded systems in both US and Canada.

Being passionate about technology automation, Fawzi founded TelNet Management Consulting Inc. in 2009 offering professional services in the areas of technology trends,  IoT/AI/5G technology positioning, and smart networking solutions development for key markets such as healthcare, mobility, energy, public safety and smart cities.

Fawzi is a co-founder of “IoT in Healthcare Consortium”, a part of Intelligent Health Association. The consortium provides vendor neutral education, collaborate with standards body, and provide professional services to drive the building of a healthcare IoT ecosystem that will span the healthcare ecosystem. Fawzi is author of recent book on the subject of future IoT “Collaborative Internet of Things for Future Smart Connected Life and Business “ published by Wiley. He has been a keynote & distinguished Lecturer at several domestic and international conferences.

Fawzi is currently the vice–chair of IEEE ComSoc for NA, chair of IEEE Central Texas and Region 5 Committee chair of conferences. Fawzi was a recipient of several awards from Industry and IEEE.  Most recently he received 2017 IEEE Communications Society Chapter of the Year award and 2018 IEEE USA Regional Leadership Award.

Fawzi holds a Bachelor of Science with honors and distinction from Concordia University, Montreal; Masters in Computer Science from the University of Waterloo, Ontario and Executive MBA from Queen’s University, Ontario Canada.

Talk Title: Collaborative IoT, 5G and AI Empower Smart Solutions for Healthcare

The healthcare sector is readily exploring and adapting new devices and technologies in the care of patients and their daily practices. More than 96 percent of hospitals have electronic medical records in place, and the use of connected devices is on the rise.

This presentation will show key areas where IoT, 5G and AI disruptive technologies will play an integral role in delivering effective healthcare solutions. Among others:

  • Continuous monitoring of patient vitals through multisensory environments,
  • Telehealth and interactions with patients,
  • Performing technology-enabled remote surgeries,
  • Leveraging artificial intelligence (AI) to explore, compare sensory data and generate new medical insights.

The net results are improving health conditions and quality of life.

Soumya Kanti Datta

Soumya Kanti DattaSoumya has seven years of R&D experiences on IoT, Cybersecurity, and Standardization. He has previously contributed to French ANR, EIT Digital, and EU H2020 research projects. He has published 80+ research papers and articles in top ACM and IEEE publications. Soumya is also the recipient of several awards for his IoT research and leadership from IEEE GCCE 2015 (Japan), IEEE ISCE 2017 (Malaysia), IEEE Tensymp 2018 (Australia), and IEEE ICII 2018 (USA). He is a Senior Member of IEEE and regularly delivers Keynote and Tutorial speeches in international technical and business conferences. He is the Founder of Digiotouch OU in Estonia. Soumya graduated with an M.Sc. in Communications and Computer Security from Telecom ParisTech, France in 2012.

Talk Title: AMICA: Activity Monitoring and Coaching Application

The AMICA project addresses the challenge of daily activity monitoring of elderly people in multi-occupancy scenarios of the EU H2020 ACTIVAGE Project. AMICA services aim to offer physical activity recognition for users both in the outdoor and indoor scenarios by the use of Machine Learning. The physical activities recognized are further used to provide healthy coaching (e.g. improving lifestyle, reducing stress) to the users, enabled by AMICA mobile application. We propose interactive AMICA application where it monitors the user’s activities to learn the suitability of our recommended coaching measures.

Mike Hayes

Mike Hayes

Dell EMC, Ireland

Mike works as a Senior Consultant within the Dell Technologies Global Edge & IoT division, with primary responsibility around GTM (Go-to-market) strategy for Edge and IoT Solutions. Mike is also responsible for technical engagement with global key customer accounts and developing solutions specific to these customers. Mike’s background is in Enterprise IT, with 20+ years’ experience working IT and global technical presales. Key technical competencies include IoT, Edge, VR/AR and the wider Dell Technologies portfolio, with specific emphasis on Virtualization technologies, high performance workloads, and End User Computing/VDI. Mike is a graduate of University of Limerick, and lives locally.

Talk Title: Enabling Progress Through Technology for Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)

At a very high level the intention of the session is to “fire the imagination” of the attendees in regard to Autism Spectrum Disorder. The IEEE IoT Conference should contain a balance of academic, research and industry focused attendees – and the purpose of this session is to help inspire and provoke the audience to invent, refine and develop technology to help the people who live with ASD on a daily basis. It will include a “call to action” to conclude with a specific ask of attendees. The session will begin with a high-level introduction on ASD, and then move into an overview of the main areas that face people who have or live with an ASD diagnosis; • Diagnosis • Sensory Challenges • Communication & Social Skills • Training & Awareness • Therapy From there it will move into the technology conversation. Core topics will include • IoT and Edge Solutions • VR/AR • Analytics/Machine Learning The technology conversation will not be a “deep dive” and is intended to provoke thought and debate. The pros and cons of all suggested technologies will be discussed and there will be zero “product placement” To conclude the session I will issue a call to action to attending students, researchers and industry leaders and entrepreneurs to consider how they can positively impact society by working on solutions to help people with ASD. The session can be delivered via Powerpoint, under 1 hour. As an additional suggestion – we can also add a panel discussion post presentation, with 3-4 panel attendees 1) Jeff McCann, Dell Technologies (Industry) 2) Sean McGrath, UL (Academic) 3) AN Other (Working in ASD) West Limerick Resources/St. Gabriels/TBC 4) AN Other (Life Sciences – Academic) The Panel discussion can be pre- wired with a conversation based on talking points or an open Q&A with audience.

Bruce Hecht

Bruce HechtBruce Hecht is with Analog Devices Global Operations & Technology where he applies over 25 years’ experience in the development of New Products and New Technologies in hardware, software, and systems engineering.   Bruce’s focus is on the intersection of design, learning, and leadership and has successfully grown new product portfolios in instrumentation and industrial products, healthcare devices and systems, and automotive applications.

From Montreal, Quebec, Canada, Bruce studied at the University of Waterloo, earning his BASc/MASc focused on EE, Math, Design & Systems Engineering.  He holds a Certified Achievement in Alliance Management from the Association of Strategic Alliance Professionals and a Certified Six Sigma Black Belt through the American Society for Quality.  Bruce is a member of the Corporate Advisory Board for INCOSE and serves on several working groups including Product Line Engineering, Systems Security Engineering, and Systems Science.

Bruce is an IEEE Senior Member and has served as guest editor for the IEEE Journal of Solid-State Circuits.  He is currently a member of the steering committee for the IEEE Design & Test Magazine.  He has served in many conference roles, including the launch of the IEEE Future Leaders Forum, and serving as the Technical Program Committee Chair and General Chair of local and international conferences, including Bipolar/BiCMOS Technical Meeting (BCTM) in Boston and Bordeaux.  He is on the AdCom boards for the IEEE EMBS, SSCS, Biometrics Council, and the IEEE Sensors Council.

In 2017, Bruce achieved the Executive Certificate in Management & Leadership in the Greater Boston Leadership Program at MIT and has been an MIT Advanced Study Program Fellow in 2014-2016.    He is a mentor and advisor for participants in the MIT Systems Design and Management program connecting systems engineering, systems, architecture, and methodology for safety and security engineering.

This year, Bruce is building on this work through coaching executive leaders and technical professionals through the Brown University / ACT program in Coaching for Leadership and Performance, and how these skills are being used to enhance systems engineering knowledge and capacity.

Together with educator and innovation champion, John Werner, Bruce co-founded the educational startup Ideas in Action, producing over 800 TEDxBeaconStreet talks.  He shares curiosity-driven design with his family and 3 children in Brookline, Massachusetts and at opportunities to learn around the globe.

Talk Title: IoT in Healthcare and Microbiology

Yusuf Jamal

Yusuf Jamal

As senior vice president of the Industrial, Healthcare, Consumer, and IoT Solutions and Security Group, Mr. Jamal is responsible for growing ADI’s leadership position in those markets.  Mr. Jamal ensures that ADI’s technology strategy is tightly aligned to our markets’ and customers’ most pressing engineering and business challenges.  He oversees the ongoing development of ADI’s technology capabilities including emergent applications of high performance sensing and Industrial IoT technologies.  Prior to his current role, Mr. Jamal served as vice president of ADI’s Consumer and Healthcare business units where he built a differentiated, sustainable business for ADI that more than doubled in size under his leadership.

Mr. Jamal has nearly two decades of experience in the semiconductor industry. He joined ADI as a Field Applications Engineer in 2002 and has held multiple technology, business, and leadership positions at the company.  Prior to joining ADI, Mr. Jamal worked on creating a flexible design methodology for developing scalable DSP architectures for a startup in Stockholm, Sweden.

Mr. Jamal earned a bachelor’s degree in Electronics Engineering (with Honors) from AMU, India and his master’s degree in Digital Signal Processing from the Indian Institute of Technology (Kanpur).

Laine Mann

Laine Mann

Global Congress Lead
Vaccines, Inflammation & Immunology and Consumer Healthcare

As a 25+ year veteran in the healthcare congress industry, Laine Mann brings a wealth of knowledge around innovative congress experiences and strategic thinking to support brand/business strategies and is honored to be selected among the best in this years’ Event Marketer B2B Dream Team. Laine’s passion for customer centric marketing has been a key to her success and she loves solving for that unmet need. Laine is a current Board Member and frequent presenter at the Healthcare Convention and Exhibitors Association (HCEA) and is a Board Member at the Pennsylvania Convention Center as well as her alma mater, West Chester University. She holds a BA degree in Speech Communications from West Chester University and embraces her power phrase that creativity takes courage!

Talk Title: Human Centered Design for Healthcare Events in an Artificial Intelligence World.

Christine O’Meara

Christine O'MearaChristine has over 20 years experience combined across the multinational services industry and the IT R&D sector. Her current role focuses on dissemination and commercialisation activities across a wide range of projects including market research, product scoping exercise, dissemination & exploitation planning and sales pipeline development. Currently working with the Programmable Autonomous Systems unit, Christine is at present focused on IoT led projects from diverse sectors including Aquaculture and Assistive Technologies for the Elderly.

Talk Title: Carelink Case Study: An IoT/ AI Approach to Managing Wandering in People with Dementia (Challenges & Progress)

Carelink is a 30-month project funded under the European Commission Ambient Assisted living programme. A multi-disciplinary team of researchers, data security experts, innovators, technologists and business owners has set itself the task of positively managing the wandering behaviour of people with dementia. The global population is ageing and the prevalence of dementia is increasing. Up to 60% of people with dementia will wander and the outcomes can be serious and even fatal. Carelink aims to develop an intelligent, low-cost location and proximity monitoring solution for people with dementia and their carers. This case study looks at a number of challenges addressed through the research and development of the Carelink solution including; Technical specifications must address the need for long life battery, managing sensor communications in different scenarios and flexible form that will appeal to the needs of different users Ethical concerns include difficulties related to informed consent and the need to involve the key stakeholder (person with dementia) in research and development . Successful exploitation is contingent on meeting the needs of all stakeholders, fast and agile development that considers latest market plays and solving the not inconsiderable niche market vs possible high price sensitivity of target market dilema.

Billy Sisk

Billy SiskLife Science Industry Leader EMEA

Rockwell Automation

Talk Title: Realizing the Benefits of Smart Manufacturing & Becoming a Data Driven Manufacturer in Life Sciences