IEEE 5th World Forum on Internet of Things
15-18 April 2019 – Limerick, Ireland

Vertical and Topical Area Tracks

Vertical Tracks

Track Name Days Scheduled Chairs
VERT1-Agriculture Thursday, Sessions 1-3 Mehmet Can(John) Vuran
Joseph Walsh
VERT2-Automotive and Transportation Tuesday, Sessions 1-3 Diarmuid McSwiney
Javier Gozalvez
Mingming Liu
VERT3-Healthcare, Pharmaceuticals, and Medical Devices Thursday, Sessions 1-3 Conor Walsh
Monica Dietl
Hari Chauhan
VERT4-Industrial Internet of Things Wednesday, Sessions 1-3 Dirk Pesch
Theo Theocharides
VERT5-Maritime Internet of Things Wednesday, Sessions 1-2 Daniel Toal
Christof Waldmann
VERT6-Smart Cities Tuesday, Sessions 1-3
Wednesday, Sessions 4-6
Thursday, Sessions 7-9
Mihai Bilauca
Rebecca Lee Hammons
Joel Myers
Joann O’Brien

Topical Area Tracks

Track Name Days Scheduled Chairs
TOP1-Artificial Intelligence Tuesday, Sessions 1-3 Joern Ploennigs
Barry O’Sullivan
TOP2-Communications, Connectivity and 5G Technologies Wednesday, Sessions 1-3
Thursday, Sessions 4-5
Xavier Perez Costa
Jacqueline Walker
TOP3-Cybersecurity, Data Security, and Privacy Tuesday, Session 7 Wednesday, Sessions 1-3
Thursday, Sessions 4-6
 Donna O’Shea                         Konrad Wrona
Jeffrey Voas
TOP4-Data and The Internet of Things Wednesday, Sessions 1-3 Uwe Kubach
Thomas Hermsdorfer
TOP5-Green Technologies – Environment, Sustainability and the Circular Economy Tuesday, Sessions 1-3 Colin Fitzpatrick
Fawzi Behmann
TOP6-Sensors and Sensor Systems Thursday, Sessions 1-3 Gerard Hayes
Yu-Hsing Wang