IEEE 5th World Forum on Internet of Things
15-18 April 2019 – Limerick, Ireland

Call for Entrepreneurship and Innovation Workshop Proposals – Closed

Entrepreneurship and Innovation have become the two most searched for Words on Google. Every country, region, city and university have established entities that promote the growth of Start Ups that they hope will create new industries and jobs.  In addition, every company in the world has people focused on what they can do next to grow their business.  The IEEE has established a Board Level committee that is promoting Entrepreneurship and the development of resources for its Members that want to create opportunity within their own company or take the risk and create a Start Up venture.

This Workshop will detail the process for Entrepreneurship and Innovation, resources and how the Internet of Things is the foundation for the biggest growth of Start Ups that has ever existed.

The event is intended to inspire, educate, enable and empower researchers, industry professionals and students who have the ‘start-up bug’ in turning their ideas into new products and services but are not sure of how to go about it. You cannot learn everything in one day; however, the participants will become a part of an IEEE led ecosystem that will provide much-needed ongoing support to launch their initiatives while being realistic about their envisioned ideas and products.

If you are an IEEE Member, this Workshop is just the beginning of what we will do together.

Topics that will be covered include:

  • Introduction to Entrepreneurship and Innovation. Learn about the tools and resources that will help develop ideas, manage goals, find investment and go to market as a new company.
  • Case Studies of Successful Entrepreneurs. Learn from people that have been successful.
  • Start-Up Competition. Entrepreneurs will make their pitch to potential investors and the audience.  Everyone will have the opportunity to learn from what works and what didn’t.
  • Entrepreneur Showcase. Exhibit Area where Start Ups can demonstrate what they are doing and why the world needs to be their next customer.
  • IEEE Entrepreneurship Network. How to become a part of the growing Network of IEEE professionals that are developing new ideas and industries.

Submission Instructions

In this call for submissions we are seeking the following items:

  • Suggestions for speakers to present in the Forum Entrepreneurship and Innovation Workshop on the subjects identified above.
  • Suggestions for assisting in organizing panels or round-tables on specific Track subtopics and in identifying panel participants.
  • Ideas for demonstrations and proposals for their organization and execution.

How to Submit

Each idea for proposals must include the following and should be a maximum of no more than five pages:

  • A summary of the suggestion or idea. If you are suggesting a panel or a round-table, each of these should be no longer than 2 Hours (120 minutes) in length.
  • Names, main contact, and a short bios (200 words) of the organizers and speakers, a brief description of the session including a short abstract, scope and timeliness.
  • Brief description of publicity plan for the session, the likely audience, and why the audience would be interested.
  • Any other relevant information.

Proposals for the Entrepreneurship and Innovation Workshop must be marked and submitted electronically via EDAS.

Important Dates – CLOSED

Ideas and suggestion submissions for the Workshop:  1 November 2018    30 November 2018

Proposal acceptance notification: 16 November 2018     14 December 2018


Lee Stogner, Vincula Group
Peter Corcoran, NUI

Who Can Participate?

A general audience with an interest in the business aspects of IoT, consisting of individuals responsible for innovation within existing companies, or the art of starting new companies focused on IoT solutions and applications.