IEEE 5th World Forum on Internet of Things
15-18 April 2019 – Limerick, Ireland


Track Description

Agricultural technologies are used across the entire agri-food supply chain – from the planting of seeds to the harvesting of crops, breeding livestock and treating disease, transporting goods and managing commercial sales, agri-tech has a role to play at every stage. Agricultural science and technology is rapidly becoming one of the world’s fastest growing and exciting markets. It is driven by global changes: a rising population, rapid development of emerging economies with western lifestyle aspirations and growing geopolitical instability around shortages of land, water and energy. A technology revolution is also taking place. Breakthroughs in nutrition, genetics, informatics, satellite imaging, remote sensing, meteorology, precision farming and low impact agriculture mean agri-tech has huge potential for development. Also, the scale of farming worldwide has changed significantly in recent years, with a move towards larger, intensive, profit-driven enterprises due to market pressures. This has resulted in demand for cost and labour reducing advanced farm automation technologies which can increase farm productivity. This step change has resulted in a demand for technologies and equipment which can reduce costs and labour inputs with concurrent increases in capacity to provide economies of scale. These economies of scale however will not yield profit unless quality is maintained and this is a central focus of any new technologies developed for the sector. The WF will explore how IoT technologies contribute to address all of these challenges through improvements in yield and efficiency. There is a rich heritage of agriculture in Ireland & Ireland’s agri-food sector, in particular is flourishing. Exports & research and innovation have been identified as the twin catalysts for the success of Irish agri-food and agri-tech companies.

Track Co-Chairs

Mehmet Can Vuran, University of Nebraska – Lincoln

Mehmet Can Vuran

Joe Walsh, Institute of Technology, Tralee

Joe Walsh