IEEE 5th World Forum on Internet of Things
15-18 April 2019 – Limerick, Ireland

Special Sessions

SS1-Enabling Progress Through Technology for Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)

Mr. Mike Hayes, Dell EMC, Ireland

At a very high level the intention of the session is to “fire the imagination” of the attendees in regard to Autism Spectrum Disorder. The IEEE IoT Conference should contain a balance of academic, research and industry focused attendees – and the purpose of this session is to help inspire and provoke the audience to invent, refine and develop technology to help the people who live with ASD on a daily basis. It will include a “call to action” to conclude with a specific ask of attendees. The session will begin with a high-level introduction on ASD, and then move into an overview of the main areas that face people who have or live with an ASD diagnosis; • Diagnosis • Sensory Challenges • Communication & Social Skills • Training & Awareness • Therapy From there it will move into the technology conversation. Core topics will include • IoT and Edge Solutions • VR/AR • Analytics/Machine Learning The technology conversation will not be a “deep dive” and is intended to provoke thought and debate. The pros and cons of all suggested technologies will be discussed and there will be zero “product placement” To conclude the session I will issue a call to action to attending students, researchers and industry leaders and entrepreneurs to consider how they can positively impact society by working on solutions to help people with ASD. The session can be delivered via Powerpoint, under 1 hour. As an additional suggestion – we can also add a panel discussion post presentation, with 3-4 panel attendees 1) Jeff McCann, Dell Technologies (Industry) 2) Sean McGrath, UL (Academic) 3) AN Other (Working in ASD) West Limerick Resources/St. Gabriels/TBC 4) AN Other (Life Sciences – Academic) The Panel discussion can be pre- wired with a conversation based on talking points or an open Q&A with audience.

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SS2-Military Applications of IoT

Dr. Niranjan Suri, US Army Research Laboratory (ARL) & Florida Institute for Human & Machine Cognition (IHMC), USA
Dr. Konrad Wrona, NATO Communications and Information Agency, The Netherlands
Prof. Zbigniew Zielinski, Military University of Technology, Poland

This special session on Military Applications of IoT will be the fourth such special session organized in conjunction with the IEEE World Forum on IoT. The focus of the special session will be to examine the potential application of IoT technologies within the military domain, as well as for civil-military cooperation (e.g., Humanitarian Assistance / Disaster Relief operation) in smart city environments. Topic areas will include architectural challenges, security challenges, scenarios, and interoperability. The organizers anticipate a half or full day session, depending on the number of accepted papers, with a potential panel discussion as part of the session, time permitting.

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